making the ndis work for you

At Personal Assistants WA we believe that the best person to make decisions about your life is you. So good support means helping you or your family to take more control of your lives. 


Personal Assistants WA is a division of Inclusion WA. We set up the service in mid 2018 to assist people with disability and their families to take an increased level of control of their funding and their services.


We work with anyone who would like to take more control over their services and funding. We've been told by people that they are frustrated by not having any say about who supports them each day and we would like to help change that.

Finding people that have the right values and can capture your vision for your life is so important. Find out how we can help find the best people to work alongside you.

Hear stories from some of the people we work for about the amazing things they are doing with their NDIS funding.

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