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At Personal Assistants WA we believe that the best person to make decisions about your life is you. So good support means helping you or your family to take more control of your lives. 


Personal Assistants WA is a division of Inclusion WA. We set up the service in mid 2018 to assist people with disability and their families to take an increased level of control of their funding and their services.

At Personal Assistants WA we are open to working with you flexibly depending on what it is you want to achieve. Creativity and innovation is what we do.

A division of Inclusion WA, Personal Assistants WA draws on the 30 years of experience of walking beside people as they become connected to their communities. Personal Assistants WA's services compliment the work that Inclusion WA is doing to help people to live their best life.

Personal Assistants WA was created with two objectives: 

  • to make self direction easier so people can manage their own NDIS funding with confidence and creativity

  • to assist people with disability to attract and retain the best possible staff to help them achieve what they want to achieve in life

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