Rename Personal Assistants WA Competition

Personal Assistants WA has been providing services as a division of Inclusion WA since mid 2018 and we have been doing some really exciting things with amazing people who are using their NDIS funding flexibly. We are growing quickly and we believe that this is because people want the opportunity to take control over their services and funding. 


With this growth we are now ready to start thinking about registering as our own national organisation. Long term we would like for people across Australia to access this service if they are looking for 100% flexibility and customisation.

With the new organisation we are looking to change our name to something that reflects the values that we hold dearly as well as the actual work we do. Check out the services we offer here.

We are running a fun little competition to come up with a great name that reflects who we are. We are passionate about having input from the people that are actually shaping what the service looks like (that's you).

If you have a great idea for our name, enter below now and you could win one of these prizes:

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Enter the competition here 

We have put together some clues about what we are looking for:

  • We would love for our name to be “utilitarian”- useful and practical is more important than attractive. We want the name to give an indication of the work we do rather than something that sounds interesting but has no real meaning to the average person.

  • Ideally we would like the name to reflect some of the things we are passionate about:

  • Innovation – turning the disability sector upside down. Throwing out the institutional way of thinking and finding creative ways to help people to have a great life full of love and adventure.

  • Choice and control – no person who is paying for a service should be restricted by “the way the organisation does things”. We want people to find services that do things the way they want them done.

  • Fostering high quality supports – this fits in well with the previous two points. You should have full choice about who supports you and how they support you.

  • Because long term we are likely to provide services across Australia, the name should not be specific to WA

The small print

(But not too small for our vision impaired friends)


We may not use the winning entries as the actual name of the organisation. We reserve the right to compile words from any of the entries to come up with the final name of the company. The winners will be the best entries as judged by our judging panel. You may enter up to five times. This competition will be judged by members of the Australian Inclusion Group Executive Team as well as Personal Assistants WA staff. Anyone can enter except for staff members of Australian Inclusion Group and its subsidiaries. Competition ends Friday 13th September 2019 at 5pm.

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