Plan Management

What does it mean?

  • Plan management is a capacity building support to help you take more control of your funding

  • A Plan Manager is like a bookkeeper. We support you by paying invoices on your behalf and support you to keep track of your budget

  • You can choose any service including those that are not registered with the NDIS. The service then provides you with an invoice which you send to us

How can Plan Management work well for you?

  • This allows you to use non-registered providers to work with you

  • You can hire support workers as contractors or employ your own staff

What do you need to consider with Plan Management?

  • You have to stick to the NDIS price guide rates e.g. you can’t hire a gardener for $60 per hour because the price guide rate is around $50 per hour

  • If you hire contractors, there are legal considerations for you to think about

  • If you decide that you would like to directly employ your support workers, payroll is separate to Plan Management.

  • For people who employ their own staff, we provide a capacity building service which helps you learn how to become an employer and how to run a payroll service and can help you to find an external payroll service

  • We send you monthly statements so you can keep track of your budgets

  • We’ve heard lots of people have had bad experiences with Plan Managers who make it difficult to use their funding flexibly. Even if you don’t use us, make sure you do your research and learn about other people’s experiences before choosing a Plan Manager

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