​Many people we speak to have had frustrations with their service providers and have identified that taking more control over their services will make a huge difference to their lives. 

Self management is a great way to take more control but it's not for everyone. Some people have told us that they would find it difficult to go straight from agency managing to self managing their funding due to the extra requirements. So we set up this service to bridge this gap.


We have all sorts of different ways of working with people based on their current situations and what they would like to achieve. Pretty much if you just tell us what you would like to do, we'll do our best to make it happen.

People are able to negotiate the level of responsibility they want in relation to planning, staffing, coordinating services and financial management. 

Have you got Agency or NDIS Managed funds? Would you like to have more say about who supports you and how? Have a look at our Shared Management options to see how other people are getting maximum control but without as much paperwork as Self Management

"[It's] is not about people ‘having to’ manage all aspects of their funding and supports. It’s about people being able to take on the level of responsibility and control that they want for each aspect of their support." WA Individualised Services

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