Shared Management

Shared Management is not something you can ask the NDIS for. It's just an agreement between you and us that means that you can use choose your own staff and how they work with you. 

We use your NDIA Managed funds (also called Agency Managed funds) to help you to hire who you want and then support you to become the manager of your staff. This means you will direct them as to when and how you would like to be supported. Sounds like pretty basic stuff doesn't it? Unfortunately many organisations do not have this level of flexibility for people. We believe that the NDIS is an exciting platform for people to get the support they want and need to a level they have never had before.

Our shared management options are varied and if you don't see anything like your situation in the stories below, that's fine because we know everyone has a unique life and a unique way they would like to run it! Give us a call and let us know what you would like to achieve and we'll do our best to make it happen.

Stories from Shared Managers*

Emelie's story

Emelie lives independently but requires support to attend hospital appointments, to read and understand documents and to articulate her wishes. She was with a service provider that kept changing her staff around so that she would have strangers coming into her home regularly - some of whom she didn't get on very well with. 

Emelie decided she would like to do Shared Management with Personal Assistants WA and now she has hired people that she likes, that she trusts and who can advocate for her when needed. 

Emelie finds people she would like to hire and puts them in touch with us. We do all the checking of things like police clearances and first aid certificates, we do mandatory inductions and collect paperwork and then we take care of processes such as payroll, tax reporting, superannuation payments and reporting to the NDIS. Emilie then tell her staff when she would like to be supported and how. She also negotiates with them on pay rate.

Simon's story

Simon requires support with all aspect of his life. When he turned 18 his family bought him a home close to theirs and organised for him to be supported by an organisation. They had trouble getting an organisation to listen to what he required but finally settled on one which seemed to be listening. Things went well for a couple of years but Simon's family started to notice that he was unhappy and expressing that through his behaviour. After some investigation, they found out that he wasn't being treated well by one of the staff. They complained to the organisation but they said that there was no proof and that they would need to go through a performance management process in order to move the staff member on.

After ongoing frustrations, Simon's family approached us and we came to an arrangement where we help the family find staff but they ultimately choose them. Simon now has some great support staff that know him, have a joke and a laugh with him and know when he is unhappy. 

Emmanuel's story

Emmanuel has been a client of Inclusion WA's for a number of years and brought his own staff with him. Since Personal Assistants WA started, Emmanual has been in a shared management arrangement where his sister assists him to coordinate staff and then we pay them. This means the staff who are highly experienced and trained can be paid at a wage that reflects this and Emmanual can be supported by people who know him well, communicate well with his sister and are proactive in understanding what he needs and wants.

*Names changed to protect people's privacy

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