Support Coordination

Tell us how you would like to use your funding and we can work with you to find and assess the suitability of support providers that suit you and your goals. We can help you to connect with them and communicate with them what you want to achieve. 

Support coordination is about building your capacity to find and engage services.

  • Assess the funding and services available to you, including mainstream, community, informal and provider options

  • Help you choose your preferred support options or providers

  • Negotiate your preferred services and prices, as well as develop service agreements and create service bookings with preferred providers

  • Arrange any assessments required to determine the funding available to you

  • Help decide on a budget for each support type.

  • Help participants to understand their personal responsibilities under service agreements, resolve problems or issues that arise and change or end service agreements.

Support Coordination with Personal Assistants WA

Our specialty is helping people to build their capacity to self direct – whether that is putting together a support team, moving into an individualised living arrangement or moving towards self management.

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